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Parents Urged to Ensure Children Attend National Summer School

Minister of Education and Youth, Hon. Fayval Williams, is imploring parents to ensure that their children are engaged in the summer school programme as it will benefit their long-term development.

Speaking with JIS News, she said it is “painful”’ to see parents having children work instead of taking advantage of the programme.

“I know what the child is missing if they give up their education and I’d love to say to our parents who are [allowing] that: ‘it’s a short-term benefit that you enjoy today but think of the long-term for your child and their education’,” she said.

“They will be able to help you so much more if you allow them to get their education. They’ll be able to get a better job to help you, rather than earning the little bit now,” she emphasised.

The national summer school programme, which commenced on July 4, is aimed at addressing loss of learning due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Classes are being held online and face-to-face over four weeks up to July 28.

Minister Williams is reporting that there has been “a steady build” in the number of students accessing lessons since the start on Monday.

“They are utilising the face-to-face facility, and there are students online as well. We’re going to tally up those numbers and get a sense of where we are,” she said.

She noted that prior to the start of the programme, some students were contacted who “needed a bit more learning assistance” and we “hope they will take advantage of this offering that we have for them”.

Minister Williams said that no consideration is being given to extending the programme beyond July. However, she noted that the Ministry will continue to seek out “other types of interventions” to help students recover from learning loss.