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PEP Preparations on Track


JIS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is assuring Jamaicans that all the necessary mechanisms will be in place for the implementation of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) in 2019.


Addressing a JIS Think Tank recently, Manager of the Student Assessment Unit, Terry-Ann Thomas Gayle, said that the necessary steps are being taken to ensure that there is seamless transition from the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) to PEP.


As part of the public education campaign, which started in 2017, town hall meetings have been held in all 14 parishes, and Ministry personnel have met with over 10,000 parents to educate them about the new secondary placement examination.


Mrs. Thomas Gayle said that key stakeholders within the education sector have been trained, including assessment coordinators, on how to interpret the curriculum objectives, write rubrics, and write items to assess the curriculum.


She noted that every primary school is assigned an assessment coordinator whose responsibility is to ensure that teachers are delivering the curriculum effectively.


Mrs. Thomas Gayle said teachers for grades four and five have also benefited from training on interpreting the curriculum objectives and writing assessments at the formative level to develop the critical-thinking skills.


They also received instruction on how to administer the Performance Task tests and how students are expected to respond to test questions.


Principals in four educational regions have been trained to lead the assessment at their respective schools, and they were also exposed to all the areas in which the teachers have been trained.


Members of the Book Industry of Jamaica were included in some aspects of the training sessions.


Mrs. Thomas Gayle told JIS News that training will continue throughout the summer with the grade-six teachers. During the period, the Student Assessment Unit will release a specimen paper with sample items to teachers.


She is advising members of the public who have questions or concerns to contact the Ministry via WhatsApp at 876-455-3003, e-mail: terry-th[email protected], and through Facebook or Twitter @MOEYIJamaica.


CAPTION: Manager of the Student Assessment Unit in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Terry-Ann Thomas Gayle, addressing a recent JIS Think Tank .