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Principals Urged to Stick to School Support Contribution Policy


JIS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is reminding secondary-school principals to adhere to the school support contribution policy in the 2017/18 academic year.

Under the policy, implemented in 2016, the Government abolished the payment of auxiliary fees, and increased the funding to the high schools from $2.6 billion to $5.3 billion.

For the upcoming academic year, the allocation will be further increased to $7.2 billion.

The policy stipulates that contribution from parents cannot be made mandatory and must not be a requirement for registration, school access, graduation, examination slips, application to sixth form or access to any public service at a public education institution.

In addition, no more than $5,000 is allowed to be charged for registration packages for new students.

Schools must ensure that discussions are held with parent-teacher associations as it relates to the contribution amount being requested from parents.

This amount must be approved by the Ministry, and parents must not be forced to pay any contribution.

Meanwhile, the Ministry will begin disbursement of funds for 2017/2018 starting June, in order to ensure that institutions can make adequate preparations for the opening of school.

The second disbursement will be made in September, the third in December, and the final payout in April 2018.


CAPTION: Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid.