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Seminar To Help Boost Parent-Child Relationship


GLEANER: Recognising the recurring struggles that parents have to motivate their children, Maverick Communications Limited (MCL) will be hosting a parenting seminar later this month, to give caregivers proper guidance and tips to help their children achieve success.


Under the theme ‘Improving Children’s Engagement towards Achievement’, more than 100 parents, teachers and guardian sare invited to learn how to better understand and address the educational needs of children in their care.


Melody Cammock-Gayle, managing director at MCL, said it was an issue she acknowledged as a parent herself, as there were challenges in creating an atmosphere that pushed her child to have a deep appetite to achieve.


“This seminar was birthed from my own struggles as a parent who wants to see her child operating at optimum from a place of self-regulation and a deep drive to do well. I needed to learn, and I figure there must be other parents like me. So this engagement seminar intends to provide the tools, pathways, social protocols and best practices for parents to engender in children a genuine passion for learning so that they can get, and keep their children tuned in to learning,” she told The Gleaner.


Through enriching and impactful presentations, sessions will effectively cover: identifying your child’s learning style and the importance of working with the teacher to co-create assessment criteria; the role of nutrition in learning; keeping cool despite your child’s disengagement; and motivating your child to aspires, and create professional quality outcomes.


“It is no secret the role that encouragement and parental guidance play in helping children stay attuned to learning. As parents, we have to know how best to get through to our children, and we promise that this seminar will be just what parents need to help boost their relationships with their children and understand how best to guide them academically,” Cammock-Gayle said.


Gathering some of the most popular names in education, nutrition and child care, the line-up of facilitators for the seminar include: Dr Patrece Charles, counselling psychologist; Dr Joy Callender, consultant nutritionist; Kaysia Kerr, chief executive officer of the National Parenting Support Commission, among others. Also scheduled to attend is Minister of State in Education, Minister Floyd Green, who will be delivering a special lunch-hour presentation.


CAPTION: Hon. Floyd Green, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information