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Students Receive Assistance from International Proxy Parents

JIS: Sixty-six students from 19 high schools are benefiting from scholarships donated by the International Proxy Parents (IPP), a charitable organisation whose members include representatives of the diplomatic corps.


The organisation has also provided assistance to children in Places of Safety.


Funds for the scholarships were raised at the IPP’s annual bazaar, held on Saturday (November 10) in the gardens of The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston.


Patrons were able to purchase food, drink, clothes, art and craft, and experience the culture of six countries with embassies in Jamaica.


There was also entertainment, provided by guest artiste, trombonist and vocalist, Everton Pesoa; Vocalists, Charmaine Lemonious, Joseph Roach and Kevin Lawrence; Desi’s Dance Group and Nishida Gymnastics.


Public Relations Chairperson of the IPP, Joy McHugh, told JIS News that proceeds from the Bazaar, one of the main fundraisers of the IPP, will go towards supporting the children.


“We take children from the second form, and we will work with those children right up to sixth form, but we do not do tertiary education at this time,” she said, adding that the students are selected by their guidance counsellors, who submit a report explaining why they should be chosen


“Those children, we will pay for their tuition. We will pay for their books. We pay lunch money and sometimes transportation, depending on the situation each child is in and the letters that are sent to us from the guidance counsellors,” she said, adding that exam fees are also paid by the IPP.


“It’s a very important organisation. We need funding. We need all of your donations, which are always well spent, and our finances are all upfront and above board,” Ms. McHugh said.


She noted that the IPP’s next fundraising event is a wine and cheese party scheduled to take place in 2019.


High Commissioner of Nigeria to Jamaica, Her Excellency Janet Omoleegho Olisa, told JIS News that the Nigerian Embassy was happy to participate in the activity, noting that proceeds from the sale of Nigerian foods, clothing and craft items will go to the children under the IPP.


The High Commissioner said the embassy has been gradually stocking up on items over the past year.


“It is very important to give back to the community, to give back to the children, because education for them is their future. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without education,” she said.


“So, education is very important and it is a project that I will always be a part of and proud to be,” she added.


The IPP is a registered non-profit organisation founded in 1980. Patron of the organisation is Her Excellency the Most. Hon. Lady Allen.