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Teachers’ Day 2016 Message


Teachers’ Day 2016 Message By

Senator, Hon Ruel Reid Minister of Education, Youth and Information

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information pays tribute to all the teachers of Jamaica on their special day.

Many teachers have gone the extra mile to ensure that their students are mentally and socially equipped to be productive and useful citizens of Jamaica and the world.

On this Teacher’s Day I am signalling a new policy thrust by the Ministry that emphasises the preparation of children for learning before they enter the formal education system and come under the tutelage of teachers.

The Education Ministry recognises the need for infants to be properly fed and stimulated. In this regard, we propose to partner with the Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to reintroduce the early stimulation programme that supports vulnerable mothers and infants prior to age four.

In addition, the National Parenting Support Commission has been asked to intensify its outreach programmes to parents in order to equip them with the knowledge and resources to assist the education of their children.

Another policy thrust of the Ministry is to accurately identify the level of special needs among the student population and effectively treat with this. The planned introduction of the Alternative Pathways to Secondary Education approach is one means of addressing different learning needs.

Altogether these initiatives are all aimed at minimising obstacles in the teaching and learning process, thereby making the teacher’s job less challenging.  We are paving the way to significantly improve education outcomes. This is the goal of my administration. 

Happy Teachers’ Day.