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Young People Encouraged to Use Their Time Wisely

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JIS: Wife of the Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Juliet Holness, is urging young people to use their time wisely, while striving for academic and personal excellence in all pursuits.


Addressing a graduation ceremony at the Donald Quarrie High school in Kingston, on June 30, Mrs. Holness told the graduates that time waits on no one, and urged them to make the best of the various opportunities that will come their way.


“The sky is the limit. One of you can be the next Prime Minister, Head of the army or the police force, the next home-grown talent, like Chronixx; the Chief Justice, Bank of Jamaica Governor, or the next Usain Bolt,” Mrs. Holness said, reminding them that they will be the leaders of the future.


“As we plan for tomorrow, but with no promise for tomorrow, we should use our time wisely and we should take our responsibility with God seriously,” she added.


Mrs. Holness, who is also Member of Parliament for East Rural St. Andrew, told the graduates that they should make their parents proud. “It is about time we set the pace in our subject areas, and be the leaders in the discipline across life that we wish to become,” she said.


Mrs. Holness encouraged the females to remain focused and not be distracted or sidetracked.


“It is about time we as ladies take control of our situations. You as young ladies should take a stand and let your boyfriends know that you are prepared to wait until the time is right… for pregnancy,” she told the young female graduates.


Mrs. Holness also urged the young men to assist in reversing the growing trend where girls are taking over institutions of higher learning.


She said that at universities and colleges across the island, the enrolment reported is four times the amount of females to males, adding that at the University of the West Indies the enrolment is actually seven females to one male.


“Young men, we still want men to assume their roles as leaders of the family and of the communities, get in shape from now; it is about time,” she said.


Mrs. Holness provided a cash award of $50,000 each to students Tashay Roberts and Tevin Royes, who copped the Top Girl and Top Boy awards, respectively.


During the ceremony, a moment of silence was observed for the two students who passed during the academic year.


The 2019 graduating class consisted of 63 students.


CAPTION: Wife of the Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Juliet Holness (centre), shares a moment with students at the Donald Quarrie High School, Tevin Royes (left) and Tashay Roberts, who copped the Top Boy and Top Girl awards, respectively, during the school’s graduation ceremony, held at the institution’s premises in East Rural St. Andrew, on June 30.