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Ministry Releases Ebooks For Early Childhood Learning

GLEANER: The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information (MOEYI) recently released 12 additional interactive ebooks for early childhood learning on BookFusion. With the help of the Digicel Foundation and BookFusion, parents and students now have free access to interactive books that range from learning to counting to colours and pronunciation.


These ebooks give immediate feedback, speak, and they also read and sing along with children to give them an interactive and enhanced reading experience, according to a release from BookFusion.


BookFusion is an ebook platform that aims to redefine the reading experience.


With online and offline access, the platform allows students to read the interactive books and practise concepts both inside and outside of the classroom.


The ebooks cover various topics critical to early childhood development such as the alphabet, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, colours, and several others.


“The added investment of interactivity creates mechanisms to improve the efficacy of the teaching-and-learning experience in and out of the classroom for thousands of students and their teachers islandwide,” says Dane Richardson, Digicel Foundation chief executive officer.


How do these interactive ebooks work and how can you access them?


You can sign up for free and borrow anyone of the titles at


– Open your preferred interactive ebook title.


– Read and understand the topic.


– Input your answers by practising the questions.


Get immediate feedback whether your right or wrong


BookFusion said that it is distinctly different from other platforms globally since it takes a cross-platform approach in bringing workbooks and other content online that have previously remained in print format due to the lack of interactivity support.


“BookFusion provides a much more interactive and engaging experience for readers since now, they can colour, trace letters, complete multiple choices, true and false, and a variety of other workbook-based functions all in the palm of their hands,” said the release.


BookFusion said that it fills the gap of content, access, and distribution. BookFusion allows the Ministry of Education and schools to create their own private or public libraries to facilitate controlled lending and distribution of ebooks of various formats, including audio-books, video-embedded ebooks, and interactive ebooks.


“We spent the time to ensure cross-platform interactive functionality to ensure that everyone gets equitable access to the enhanced and interactive content from the MOEYI, driving an increase in learning outcomes,” said Dwayne Campbell, chief executive officer of BookFusion.


The Ministry of Education and BookFusion have increased students’ access to content in and out of school while providing sustainable digital solutions for the distribution of ebooks and digital content to students, teachers, and educational institutions throughout the island.