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Schools Agree To Cooperate With Auxiliary Fees Policy

Ruel Reid JA

It appears groups representing principals and teachers have reached an amicable agreement with the education ministry regarding the controversial decision to abolish the payment of auxiliary fees at the high school level.


With the abolition of auxiliary fees the ministry has allocated some $5.3 billion to be granted to schools at the secondary level.


Since then, some school administrators have complained that the funding will not be enough to cover operational costs for the academic year.


However, the education ministry has announced that the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools, the Association of Principals and Vice-Principals and the Jamaica Teacher’s Association have all given their commitment to cooperate with the new funding policy.


The ministry says the groups gave the commitment last week at a meeting with Education Minister, Ruel Reid.


Meanwhile, the education ministry is reminding school administrators that the term auxiliary fees is to be abandoned and parents are to be asked for non-mandatory contributions to support co-curricular, sports and special school development initiatives.


Parents are advised that they can the contributions based on their ability.


The education ministry is also encouraging churches, Trusts, Alumni, the diaspora and corporate Jamaica to support education and schools across the island.


CAPTION: Senator Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information